A Hotel Concierge’s Guide to Boca Del Toro

Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro, Panama is located in the Republic of Panama. The past 30 years, Boca has grown to become one of the most famous travel destinations in Panama. Now, more than ever, there is a wide variety of hotels, eco-lodges, sailing adventures and many more activities and places to explore. Swim with manatees, see one of the last remaining monarchies in the American continent, or just lay out on a white sand beach- Bocas del Toro has something for everyone.

Bocas del Toro is both mainland and islands. It has some of the largest rainforests and has nine main islands and thousands of islets. Bocas del Toro has two incredible national parks: The La Amistad International Park, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park, Panama’s first marine park and a nesting ground for sea turtles.


Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro is the main island and capital city where most of the hotels, restaurants, bars and travel agencies are located. Isla Colon has both the active nightlife of Bocas Town and the laid back natural vibe of its outer parts- you should try both. This island hosts some of Bocas del Toro best waves and most beautiful beaches.

Carenero Island, located just a $1.00 boat ride from Bocas Town has hotels, eco-lodges, hotels, and surfing camps. The restaurants are some of Bocas del Toro’s best. The waves here are world class and only a few dollars from any hotel here on a boat taxi. Snorkeling here is lots of fun. Rent a stand-up paddleboard and explore the reef around Carenero Island when it’s flat.

star-fishes-in-front-of boca del toro-under water bungalow

Hotels is Bastimentos is only a 10-minute boat ride from Bocas Town and has some of Bocas del Toro most beautiful beaches. Old Bank is a laid back town with hotels, hostels, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Red Frog Beach has hostels and camping eco-lodges. The beach is well kept and has several activities such as Zip Lines and surfboard rentals. Salt Creek faces Cayo Zapatillas and has some of the best snorkeling in Bastimentos.

Mainland Bocas del Toro has chocolate tours, eco-lodges, indigenous tours, hiking trails, and much more. Contact us for more information on tours or hotels in Bocas del Toro.


An Ordinary Gentlemen

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Erosion control must be considered by for steep slopes in Temecula

Steep hillside front entrance ideas.

Hillside Landscaping in the steep slopes and hills of Temecula must only address creative means to hold the property in position. And while layouts may change depending on materials, place, and other conditions, the principles are pretty much the same for most. Some procedures that are fundamental just cover the ground or will hold and others will be dependent and more complex. Temecula landscaping, a company located locally is a great resource for this sort of work

For example, if deeply rooted ground cover plants are used without support or any retaining walls, the way of watering should be fixed substantially different than that of the terraced or level earth. So the survival of yards and ground cover plants on steep grades and hills may also need various factors for proper watering and Emergency Oxygen.

Among the most common methods of erosion control on hillside landscapes and steep inclines is in terracing with either rock or concrete block retaining walls. A standard practice in farming and landscaping for thousands of years, terracing degrees by cut and fill procedures of transferring the land and holding it out the steep earth.


Retaining Walls

Most of these walls are manufactured from prefab concrete blocks which can be typically available at home centers and garden outlets as you’ll see.

And while constructing stone walls is usually a job it’s not completely out of reach for the actual hands on do it yourself kind. This directory reveals lots of good examples along with how to images and plans.

While this directory is mainly front lawns, there are lots of scenarios and excellent uses that can help inspire something for your issue areas.

Watering On Hill Or An Incline

The Best Way To Plants And Water Yards On Hill Or A Steep Grade
As I said before, procedures and some components used for landscaping steep inclines will be dependent on other components to work correctly. A hillside covered with deeply rooted yard turf will keep the landscaping in place. But if the appropriate watering techniques aren’t used to encourage deep saturation, the water will run off, and the yard will expire.

Drip Systems For Hillsides And Inclines
Among the best websites for irrigation tips and sprinkler system. Whether you’re putting your plants right on the incline or using retaining walls to level out the earth, a drip system is the best option for nailing water right on the plants for hardly any and saturation run-off.

Landscaping On A Grade With Stairs And Steps

While many components discussed here focus on the erosion control and planting of sharp grades and hills, there are also other elements which could need thought. Sometimes, accessibility may be required down and up the side of the lot and so needless to say there will be an importance of steps or stairs. This directory has lots of images and excellent thoughts of steps and stairway that can be utilized in garden and landscaping.

This should give you an excellent spot to begin if you’re with landscaping lawn or a steep incline on a hill challenged. Needless to say, these are only layouts and the principles because of this type of decoration frequently rely on and use verandas and decks and take up space.

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The Costa Rica Property Marketplace Described

I belong to a really “exclusive club” of two, or three Attorneys in Costa Rica, that have a similar legal and academic practice history.

During my fourteen years of practice in Costa Rica, I’ve found several real estate cycles finished. Metal Buildings Homes are very hot in Central America. Right now, although there’s been a steady progress in the U.S. Market from the 2008 decline, the effects of this development have yet to be felt in any substantial trend in Costa Rica. The real estate market in Costa Rica is now “ unusual” that is slow in regards to property deal, making it a “Buyers’ Market” cost-wise.

Choosing this “lag-time” variable into account and the upcoming U.S. Election in November, my prediction is that the Costa Rica real estate marketplace is “on the cusp” of transforming into a “Sellers’ Market,” beginning late this year and continuing into 2017. So, property costs will increase consistent with the “Sellers’ Market” states arriving. To put it differently, if Hillary Clinton wins, it’s going to be Republicans and needless to say, if it’s Donald Trump, it’ll be the Democrats.


I’ve found this occur formerly following U.S. Elections, but with the significantly more emotionally energized Election and the large sections politically which exist in the U.S., I anticipate this routine to be amplified this time around. Having set the scene for a possible Costa Rica property purchase, what should a property purchaser be looking for and what fundamental due diligence should be followed, to prevent pitfalls? In my opinion, just documented title properties in the National Registry, should be considered for buying. The Costa Rica Government ensures the state of the property title as enrolled in the National Registry, except in the instance of-of fraud. A Costa Rica Notary must prepare the Property Transfer Deed.

In Costa Rica, it’s not impossible to hold property by way of a “Right of Possession”. In that scenario, a Private Title may be prepared by a Costa Rica Notary to a third party purchaser of those rights, without enrollment in the National Registry, the possession rights of a present property possession holder. Sadly, the Right of Possession obtained by the purchaser, in that scenario, is just as great as no other party with a better Right of Possession to the property exists.

Also, Concession Sea Pines Real Estate found in the Maritime Zone (Beachfront), also present their set of issues. Concession rights to beachfront properties, all possessed by the Costa Rica Government, are given on a “lease-basis” to a private, or commercial holder, for a span of twenty years and are presumably sustainable (no guaranty). The Concession Agreement is administered by the local Municipality. Foreigners must have legal Costa Rica Residency for a span of five years to hold a Concession property within their name. So, a Trust Agreement must be entered into to facilitate the holding of the Concession with a bulk Costa Rican interest stipulated, until this Residency condition is satisfied, Costa Rica Real Estate Brokers is a great resource.

The larger issue appears in Estate Planning, because if the Residency condition is met by the present Foreign Concession holder, the heir must additionally fulfill this condition at the time of the bequest happening, or a Trust Agreement that is new needs to be entered into to facilitate the same. This is a negotiable item as part of the overall property purchase transaction and may not be appropriate in particular property purchase transactions of a “firesale” nature.

As the Real Estate business isn’t controlled in Costa Rica, nor is there any MLS, it’s very crucial that you select a Realtor with local knowledge in the place where you’re looking to carefully assess their certificate and to buy a property; reputable references are essential.

Similarly, it’s equally vital that you choose Notary and a qualified Property Attorney represent your interests as the purchaser and to manage the purchase trade. Property Title Insurance isn’t accessible, nor do Title Businesses exist in Costa Rica. You must rely upon Notary and your Attorney to carry out the required legal due diligence for your property purchase transaction.

An Attorney/Notary having a Government registered and controlled Escrow Account is not unimportant, to safeguard both the purchase down payment cash before the balance of the purchase cash for the Close and Close. The Attorney should be kept from the beginning of the property discussions, and no down payment or purchase cash should be paid to a seller before the Close from escrow.



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10 Surefire Signs You’re A Savvy Vacation Rental Pro

The vacation rental industry is one of the leading industries that has been taking the vacationers by storm. Many travelers are taking time and rushing to make use of their monthly booking as well.



Here are some ways in which you can carry on your vacation rental business like a complete professional

Operate your calendar accurately

You can shuffle around various kinds of bookings and also offer exclusive discounts as well as offers to your customers. Try and convince guests to reserve hotels on particular nights in the best possible way. It will prove that you are a professional East Cape vacation rental person

You suspect any renter less than 25 years of age

There are times when people just come in and ask for a room with to stay in. Hotels, however, has specific rules where a person under 25 years is not allowed. If a person suddenly comes into the hotel and ask about age requirements and staying with their colleagues during the spring vacations and you are a little doubtful about the same, you are a professional vacation rental pro.

You know that someone has already smoked a cigarette

If you smell a faint odor of a cigarette in your vacation rental home, you are surely a great vacation rental professional. This means that you can charge the renter a fine of “$500 Special Cleaning Fee

You request guests to post pictures of their stay in your hotel

If you ask guests to post pictures of their stay in your hotel, this indicates that you are indeed a great vacation rental professional. You are eager to show people your hotel so that they may also come and stay in the same and at the same time you are advertising your hotel.

You have a typical inquisitiveness about your guest’s trash can

If you or any of your staff members go through the visitors trash can, then you may be called a vacationer rental pro.This means that you are interested to know what he likes and what should be stored for him next time he visits the hotel. A solid video about East Cape Vacation Rentals

You have all kinds of chargers as well as Wi-Fi connection

You will have guests flooding your hotel if you offer special facilities like Wi-Fi, The Internet, and TV at the same cost as others. There are many visitors who also have high-end handsets like I phone or Black berry. You are probably a vacation rental pro if you have all these options in your hotel.

You keep track of your website at regular intervals

An excellent vacation rental pro always keeps track of his site so that no one steals his photographs, his comments or his ideas and duplicates the same. This is critical in the vacation industry to be in competition.

You try and exceed customer expectations

It is critical to offer your clients the very best so that they come back next time. It is also important that you try and exceed customer expectations so that they are pleased with your services. You are a great vacation rental pro if you follow these rules.

Keep track on your completion

Always keep track on the competition and know what they are offering their customers so that you can also try and offer better than that. This would help you to be ahead in the rat race and be a professional vacation rental.

You run your group of hotels

Last but not the least; you can also be called a good vacation rental if you can run your chain of hotels. Offer various customer discounts and flash sale offers so that they can come back to your hotel again and again!


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10 Ways to Be a Greener Traveler, Even if You Love to Fly

10 Ways to Be a Greener Traveler, Even if You Love to Fly


You have always loved to be an Eco-friendly person, and you also loved green. You use Eco-friendly products for your home décor; go green products for your makeup and Eco-friendly products for all other things under the roof. You also love to save water as well as electricity, here, how you can also travel in an Eco-friendly way if you love to fly.

Here are some ways in which you can move in an Eco-friendly manner without having to waste any electricity or energy and save money.

Offset your flight

You can travel in an Eco-friendly way by flying on short flights. This is one of the best ways to travel and save on fuel as well. Some airlines also help you to compensate for the carbon prints that have been created while you are flying and help you to reduce the greenhouse gasses as well. Passengers in Airplanes like Delta and United can calculate their carbon footprints as well. They can donate their money for reducing carbon to a great extent in projects such as forest conservation or renewable energy. Apart from airlines, trains also offer offsets from which you can choose in order to conserve energy.

Travel on foot

Traveling on foot is the best way to go green. It not only helps keep you fit, and view the things outside well but also contribute to saving energy to a certain extent. Less use of cars results in less air pollution that can help the environment stay pollution and hence green and Eco-friendly.

Stay in an Eco-friendly hotel

There are various Eco-friendly hotels that you can stay in. They use solar energy as their source of power and have several green options as well. This significantly helps to reduce greenhouse gasses as well as carbon emission. Sheets and pillow covers can always be recycled and reused; Air conditions can be turned on for a short period, and rainwater harvesting is a significant source of water as well. Food is also served in an Eco-friendly way.

Use a reusable water bottle

Did you know that plastic is bad for health? If you are at all using a plastic bottle, make sure to reuse the bottle instead of disposing of the bottle early. Reusable bottles are also one of the best ways to save on energy. You can also save paper by using reusable travel mugs instead of plastic or paper cups.

Pack Light

Always keep your luggage light. More luggage can make the car heavier and might consume more fuel. It is easier to travel with lighter luggage.

Recycling Info graphicAlways opt for e-tickets

E-tickets are one of the friendliest ways to move in an Eco-friendly go green manner. It saves you from the hassle of wasting paper, and it is always in your mailbox at all times in case you need it. With the launch of Smartphones, e-ticket becomes one of the most Eco-friendly ways to travel with your ticket in your pocket at all times.

Opt for local souvenirs

Always try and choose for local food and also buy local souvenirs for your loved ones. That is more affordable. You can carry all this stuff in a local recycled bag that can be reused again and again. Local shopping also means that you would have minor things to bring back home. These items would not have to be shipped by train or planes. Locally grown food also helps to maintain the farmland and green space as well.

Let your laptop stay in the sleep mode

If you are carrying your computer, allow your computer as well as other electrical gadgets to be in the sleep mode so that you can save electricity. It is also good for your battery life.

Choose tours that are Eco-friendly

You can also opt for tours and travels that are Eco-friendly. Tours like this include nature conservancy as well as Sierra Club and WWF that offer Eco trips that do not harm natural resources and save the forests. These tours are also environmentally little in impact, as you need to travel by foot and need to follow strict guidelines as well.

Always spread by word of mouth

The best way to travel in an Eco-friendly manner is Going Green, and you can also spread your travel ideas by word of mouth. The more you spread by word of mouth the more people would be Eco-friendly.


These above tips would help you to travel in an Eco-friendly manner without consumption of more energy.


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Sprucing up your house with some Coastal Wallpaper inspiration

If you feel that the walls of your house are bland and dull, the best thing you can do is to spruce up your home with some of the best coastal wallpaper inspirations. They look good, are affordable and are exciting as well.

Wallpaper is a great decoration for a wall. It helps a wall look good and at the same time unique. If done in the correct manner, wallpaper can contribute to making your house turn into a paradise. There are various kinds of wallpapers that you can spruce up your home with. Wallpaper can show your emotions, creativity as well passion. Here is some wallpaper that would make heads turn around

Primary wallpaper that is unique

Try out some basic wallpaper designs that are colored with light blue and greens that resemble the oceans. This wallpaper would make your room look bright and stand out from among so many different wallpapers.You can also hang things on the wall to make them look good. The strokes of water make the walls look bumpy and rough as well as unique.


Happy Fish

The fish wallpaper is one of the most beautiful wallpapers that can be pasted on the walls of your bathroom. The wallpaper looks real and amazing, and the shimmers feel as if the walls are moving all across the room. They are attractive enough to turn heads round.

Happy wallpaper

lighthouse paper

Lighthouse strips

This is one of the favorite wallpapers in the list. The light and the dark shades complement each other as a background. In case you like this combination, you can also paint the walls this shade with your paint brush.


sail Sail Boats Sailboats are one of the finest wallpapers that look good in a house with sea lovers. Cover your walls with wallpaper and paste a picture of a sand castle on the walls.hey would steal the look of visitors.


Cute Lobster

lobsterThis kind of wallpaper covers two bases. It looks delicious as well as elegant and is ideal for modern homes as well as traditional homes. The lobster look in the wallpaper is also appealing.

Try out some of these wallpapers to adorn your walls in the best possible way so that they look inviting the exciting as well.

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